Requirements for the BA in Africana Studies (Arizona Online Campus)

Advising for BA in Africana Studies Arizona Online Campus
Ms. Treya Allen (

30 units in AFAS (including a minimum of 18 units upper division as follows):

Foundations (3 courses – 9 units): 
AFAS 200: Introduction to Africana Studies

AFAS 207: African American History (1440-1877)

AFAS 220: Introduction to African American Studies

Research Methods (1 course – 3 units):
AFAS 302: Africana Studies Research Approaches

Capstone (1 course – 3 units):
AFAS 498: Senior Capstone

Complete one approved study abroad experience and/or study away experience and/or one approved internship prior to taking AFAS 498 Senior Capstone. Approved student credit hours receive via study abroad and/or study away and/or internship may count toward the BA in Africana Studies.

Complete 15 units among the following (including a minimum of 12 units upper division among which 3 units must be at the 400 level):

African American History, Culture, and Aesthetics

  • AFAS 204: African Diaspora Religion and Culture
  • AFAS 208: African American History (1865-Present)
  • AFAS 224: Models of Resistance, Post 16th Cent. African Liberation Movements in the Southeast
  • AFAS 255: African American Politics
  • AFAS 260: Ethnic Relations in the United States
  • AFAS 304A: The Social Construction of Race:  Whiteness
  • AFAS  304B: The Social Construction of Race: Blackness
  • AFAS 306: African-American Autobiographies:  Women and Their Histories
  • AFAS 320: The African American Slave Narrative: History and Literature
  • AFAS  340: The Politics of Race and the African Experience
  • AFAS  342: Writers, Women and the Gods
  • AFAS 371: Hip-Hop Cinema
  • AFAS 375: Digital Africana Studies: The Harlem Renaissance
  • AFAS 421: Topics in Africana Studies
  • AFAS 475: USA & South Africa: Comparative Historical & Political Perspectives
  • AFAS 478: African American Literature
  • AFAS  482: African Americans & U.S. Foreign Policy
  • AFAS 493: Internship
  • AFAS 494: Practicum
Requirements for the Minor in Africana Studies:

18 units in AFAS (including AFAS 220 & AFAS 302) with at least 9 upper division units.

Requirements for the Minor in Africana Studies with an emphasis in Hip-Hop Cultures:

Core (required): AFAS/SOC 220 Introduction to African American Studies, AFAS 302 Africana Studies Research Approaches, AFAS/RELI 335 Rap, Culture, and God, AFAS 371 Hip-Hop Cinema, AFAS/FREN 373 US & Francophone Hip-Hop Cultures

1 from the following: AFAS 200 Africana Studies, AFAS 207 African American History (1440-1877), AFAS/HIST 208 African American History (1865-present), AFAS 318 Pan African Dance Aesthetics, AFAS 439 Blacks in Hollywood