Careers for Africana Studies Majors

Majors in Africana Studies are indeed marketable for many different careers. The first thing I recommend is not to concentrate on trying to only find jobs where traveling and/or working with Africa is required. You will greatly increase your chances if you look for job postings in the following industries/areas:

  • Banking
  • Insurance companies
  • Human Resources
  • Publishing and Bookstores chains
  • News Media
  • Wine and food industry
  • Restaurants Chains and others
  • Retailing
  • Consulting and Public Relations firms
  • Computer/software firms
  • Communications, Phone, and Cable companies
  • Medicine & Health
  • Law
  • Politics & Government
  • Performing Arts & Entertainment
  • Visual Arts
  • Sports
  • Any industry/companies that deal with customers and customer service
  • Education
  • Non teaching positions in universities and colleges (various offices and departments on campus)
  • Social, Community & Humanitarian Services
  • Non profit organizations
  • Tourism Industry
  • Airlines & Resorts

Indeed, as you will see at the following link, majors in Africana and Black Studies are marketable in all industries:

I would also consider applying for positions in any African companies/organizations that have offices in the United States. Similarly consider American companies and organizations that have offices in Africa.

I recommend you start looking for ads on the web and schedule an appointment with Career Services on the UA campus. However, when you go meet with career services, ask them to help you identify the databases where all jobs are posted and have them help you with writing a competitive CV and letter of application.

All of the industries I mention above have positions where they will consider and even like majors in Africana Studies, including for positions that have nothing to do with Africa. These industries like the very important and marketable skills that Africana Studies majors master: adaptability to function in and adapt to stressing and unfamiliar environments and situations; ability to evaluate, communicate, and understand people from any background and any personality; great writing, communication, and analytical skills; higher than average memorization skills; capacity to speak in public anywhere; capacity to handle heavy loads and difficult/abstract tasks; sense of initiative and creativity. Law Schools, Medical Schools, and other Graduate programs also highly consider applicants mastering such skills. 

(C) Alain-Philippe Durand (
Director, School of International Languages, Literatures, and Cultures, University of Arizona