AFAS 374 - Dynamics of Protest in Africa and the Diaspora

This course investigates how the dynamics of resistance and repression have shaped protest in Africa and the diaspora since the slave revolt in Saint-Domingue that produced modern-day Haiti (1791-1804). In the years since, uprisings have occurred that actively renegotiated freedoms, rights, and ideas of citizenship for peoples of African descent with a grounding in the French-speaking world. This course looks at a range of materials from historical documents, poetry, song, films, and fiction to deepen our understanding of how historical progress has been shaped by the dynamic interplay between resistance and repression.

Also Offered As
FREN 374, FREN 374, FREN 374, FREN 374, FREN 374
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General Ed (Begins 2022)
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General Education
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