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Students from all backgrounds will examine the historical and contemporary experiences of Africana peoples to prepare as leaders of a global and diverse economy.

The Department of Africana Studies analyzes how gender, class, race, and other important ideas shape the experience of Africana peoples and influence the global economy. Join a program that embraces new technologies and serves as a leader in digital learning.

You'll study under faculty from diverse academic backgrounds, resulting in a rich and exciting interdisciplinary classroom dynamic. In the online Bachelor of Arts in Africana Studies program, you'll learn to:

  • Solve the grand challenges of a rapidly changing world
  • Engage with local and international communities
  • Enhance communication with people from diverse backgrounds

Arizona Online gives you the freedom to earn your degree, your way. Learn from the same professors, enjoy the same resources, and earn the same degree. All from the comfort of home.

Apply to the Online B.A. in Africana Studies

Arizona Online

Online B.A in Africana Studies

Degree Requirements

30 units in AFAS (including a minimum of 18 units upper division as follows):

Part 1

3 courses- 9 units
AFAS 200 Introduction to Africana Studies
AFAS 207 African American History (1440-1877)
AFAS 220 Introduction to African American Studies

Part 2
Research Methods

1 course- 3 units
AFAS 302 Africana Studies Research Approaches

Part 3

1 course- 3 units
AFAS 498 Senior Capstone

It is suggested that students complete one approved study abroad experience and/or study away experience and/or one approved internship prior to taking AFAS 498 Senior Capstone. Approved student credit hours receive via study abroad and/or study away and/or internship may count toward the BA in Africana Studies.

Part 4
Elective Units

Complete 15 additional units from the following (including a minimum of 12 upper division units, 3 of which must be at the 400 level):

AFAS 204 African Diaspora Religion and Culture
AFAS 208 African American History (1865-Present)
AFAS 224 Models of Resistance, Post 16th Cent. African Liberation Movements in the Southeast
AFAS 255 African American Politics
AFAS 260 Ethnic Relations in the United States
AFAS 304A The Social Construction of Race:  Whiteness
AFAS  304B The Social Construction of Race: Blackness
AFAS 306 African-American Autobiographies:  Women and Their Histories
AFAS 320 The African American Slave Narrative: History and Literature
AFAS  340 The Politics of Race and the African Experience
AFAS 342 Writers, Women and the Gods
AFAS 371 Hip-Hop Cinema
AFAS 375 Digital Africana Studies: The Harlem Renaissance
AFAS 421 Topics in Africana Studies
AFAS 475 USA & South Africa: Comparative Historical & Political Perspectives
AFAS 478 African American Literature
AFAS  482 African Americans & U.S. Foreign Policy
AFAS 493 Internship