Overview of Major and Minor Options

Major in Africana Studies

Classes in literature, history, culture, religion, cinema, philosophy, and politics give students a broad foundation and the opportunity to tailor a course of study to align with a corresponding double-major. Our interdisciplinary major offers 3 thematic areas to choose from. Students are free to mix and match courses from two or more of the following thematic areas:

  • African American History, Culture, and Aesthetics
  • Performance, Media, and Digital Africana Studies
  • Comparative Global African Diaspora

For the specific requirements for this degree, please see the Degree Requirements page

Minor in Africana Studies

We offer two minors: Africana Studies and Hip-Hop Cultures.

A minor in Africana Studies requires 18 units in AFAS (including AFAS 220 & AFAS 302) with at least 9 upper division units.

The Minor in Hip-Hop Cultures provides students with a solid introduction and broad understanding of the origins and developing of the forms of expression that make up hip-hop cultures throughout the world: hip-hop dance, rap music, graffiti/tagging, fashion, business, and film. Additionally, it introduces students to the main themes represented in hip-hop cultures: appropriation and defense of spaces, mixing of different cultures, migrations, multilingualism, race, class, gender, religions, sexuality, nationality, politics and the economy, and the search for identity.

For the specific requirements for each of these degrees, please see the Degree Requirements page.

Undergraduate Certificate in Caribbean Studies

This certificate provides students with a solid introduction and broad understanding of the Caribbean region's cultures, history, languages, literatures, institutions, peoples, and traditions. This certificate was specifically designed for students and professionals who are interested in the Caribbean region and who wish to combine their main area of specialization with a solid background in the new and changing international landscape. Learn More

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Ready to Declare?

Thank you for your interest, there are many benefits of majoring in Africana Studies! Declare a major or minor in one of the following ways:

In Person

Meet in person with a faculty advisor or make an appointment with the College of Humanities Academic Advising Center.

Online form

Complete the online Major/Minor declaration form (NetID required). A faculty advisor will follow up to schedule a meeting. If you do not hear from a faculty advisor within a week, please contact the College of Humanities Academic Advising Center (cohadv@email.arizona.edu).