AFAS 218 Introduction to Hip-Hop Dance (Spring 7wk Session)

10 a.m., Feb. 2 to 25, 2022

AFAS 218 - Introduction to Hip-Hop Dance - Featuring Tweet Boogie (Spring 2022 7wk Session)

Always representing The South Bronx, TweetBoogie is devoted to the street styles of hip-hop. As she continues to travel all over the world teaching in different countries such as Japan, Poland, Switzerland, China, Taiwan, Korea, Russia, Prague,The Philippines, Italy, Saudi Arabia, Australia and South Africa to name a few.  Her passion has led her to work with top artists like Jay-Z, LL Cool J, Mary J Blige, Shakira, Kanye West & Nicki Minaj and the iconic Miss Janet Jackson in her amazing “Made For Now” video.  Most recently, Tweetie choreographed for 50 Cent at Madison Square Garden for the POWER Premier of Season 6 of STARZ.  

Tweet and her business partner Michele Byrd McPhee, newly launched their new production team called “TooBirdsProductions”. They were hired to choreograph the opening number for WE DAY. An educational program for children sponsored by the United Nations. The multi-talented was also the host of MTV's "Dances From Tha Hood" On Demand executive produced by Sway Calloway. Some of her biggest clients were teaching Gail and Oprah a few of the latest hip-hop moves as a guest choreographer on The OPRAH Show. As the brand Ambassador of Ladies of Hip Hop Festival, TweetBoogie helps bring Ladies of all ages and sizes across the world to come together and celebrate street dance culture through music & dance one lady at a time.

Recently she was a guest teacher at the Juste Debout School located in Paris as well as the Hip Hop judge for their Juste Debout World Tour 2019. One of the biggest international underground dance battles that travels worldwide.

If you want to know more about TweetBoogie, check out her “How to Twerk” video on YouTube with over 40 million views or visit her website  Holla @cha Bird!

Week 2 Jan. 17-21 - African Origins of Hip Hop Dance/The Caribbean Origins of Hip Hop Dance
Week 3 Jan. 24-28 - The Latin Origins of Hip-Hop Dance/The US Origins of Hip Hop Dance
Week 4 Jan. 21-Feb. 4 - The East Coast Hip-Hop Dance Style & Movements/The Midwest Hip-Hop Dance Style & Movements
Week 5 Feb. 7-11 - The West Coast Hip-Hop Dance Style & Movements/The Southern Hip-Hop Dance Style & Movements
Week 6 Feb. 14-18 - The French Hip-Hop Dance Style & Movements/The East Asian Hip-Hop Dance Style & Movements
Week 7 Feb. 21-25 - The African Hip-Hop Dance Style & Movements/Other Global Hip-Hop Dance Styles & Movements

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