Africana Studies Online Course Offerings Winter Session 2012-2013

midnight, Dec. 3, 2012



University of Arizona

School of International Languages, Literatures, and Cultures (SILLC)

Africana Studies Program


Winter Session 2012-2013, December 17 – January 8

AFAS 160D1 Introduction to African American Literature, Dr. Bryan Carter, ONLINE

AFAS 200 Africana Studies, Dr. Bonnie Wasserman, ONLINE

AFAS/ENGL 230 Introduction to African Literature, Dr. Bonnie Wasserman, ONLINE

AFAS 255 African American Politics, Dr. Bayo Ijagbemi, ONLINE

AFAS/GWS/HIST 306 African American Autobiographies, Dr. Tani Sanchez, ONLINE

AFAS 314 Caribbean Literature and Culture, Dr. Alain-Philippe Durand, ONLINE

AFAS 320 The African American Slave Narrative, Dr. Yuxuf Abana, ONLINE

AFAS/ENGL/GWS 342 Writers, Women, and the Gods, Dr. Yuxuf Abana, ONLINE

AFAS/LAS/POL 345 Caribbean Politics, Dr. Bayo Ijagbemi, ONLINE

AFAS 365 Ancient African Civilizations, Dr. Tani Sanchez, ONLINE

Contact Info: Dr. Bonnie Wasserman, Africana Studies Advisor