2016 AFAS Awards to the French Caribbean

Feb. 17, 2016



Receiving the award for the Africana Studies Scholarship in the French Caribbean has opened so many doors for me! Being currently enrolled in the course Digital Africana Studies: Experiencing The Harlem Renaissance, I have a strong interest for Africana Studies and the rich history it contains. My professor posted the link to apply for this scholarship in Martinique and I saw this as an amazing opportunity to broaden my horizons and see the world! I have always had an itch for travel as well as the idea of studying abroad. I knew that I would love studying abroad in Martinique because of the French language program it has to offer. I am very excited for this program come May and owe it all to the Department of Africana Studies for allowing me to experience and indulge myself in a unique classroom style outside the States!  My sincerest thanks.

Brayden Jackson (braydenjackson@email.arizona.edu)


I received the Africana Studies Award for the opportunity to travel to Martinique in the French Caribbean for the Summer of 2016. I plan on studying French at the University of Antilles and to immerse myself in the Caribbean culture of the island. Thank you very much for the generous award.

Jessica Dannelley (jdannelley@email.arizona.edu)

rachel dawn van nostrand

The summer, I will be studying for five weeks at the University of Antilles in Fort-de-France, Martinique through the Arizona in the French Caribbean program. Thanks to the generosity of UA Africana Studies, I will be working towards my major in Political Science with a specialization in Foreign Affairs, as I learn about Caribbean culture, literature, and politics. In addition, I will be staying with a local family in order work towards my double major in French, and improve my language proficiency with native speakers. I look forward to immersing myself in an entirely new culture, with the opportunity to work towards both of my majors simultaneously. In between classes and time spent with my host family, I will be going on excursions to historical sites and relaxing on paradisiac beaches. I feel so grateful for this experience, as it will enable me to pursue my goal of working for an international organization like the United Nations which requires both foreign experience and fluency in multiple languages. I am honored to have been chosen for this award, and I would again like to thank everyone who made this experience possible! 

Rachel Dawn Van Nostrand (rvannostrand@email.arizona.edu)

kiona moore

My name is Kiona Moore and I am a sophomore at the University of Arizona majoring in Africana Studies and Biology. I am a recipient of the $6,000.00 scholarship to study abroad in Martinique. When presented the opportunity to study abroad in the French Caribbean as a part of the Africana Studies program, I was ecstatic because it is a great opportunity to experience first hand the cultures that I have discussed and learned about in previous courses. I wanted to participate in the program because Studying abroad gives you a greater respect for the cultures and the history of the specific place of study since you are first hand experiencing what it is like to live and be educated in a different atmosphere. While studying abroad I will encounter the culture, live by the culture, and become culturally educated and grow to love the culture and the people in Martinique. Since I am an Africana Studies Major and I plan to focus on the affects African history had in the Caribbean, I believe that my studies will not be justified unless I maximize my educational experience in which studying abroad in the French Caribbean will do.For that I am gratefull for this scholarship and I am excited to embark on this journey.

Kiona Moore (kionamoore@email.arizona.edu)


I received a $6,000 scholarship from the Africana Studies Program to attend Arizona in the French Caribbean. Arizona in the French Caribbean is a five-week program that takes place on the island of Martinique, in the capital of Fort de France. This UA faculty-led program includes classes at the University of Antilles and historical excursions on the island. I will be taking six credits in Caribbean culture, literature and politics, which will also count towards my general education requirements. My involvement in this program will expose me to a different culture, and allow me to grow closer to achieving my career aspirations. It will help me continue to grow in my love of learning languages, literature, and culture that continues to develop through my classes. Most of all, this program will challenge me to go beyond my comfort zone and truly grow as a person and a student. The scholarship, awarded by the Africana Studies Department, will cover the full cost of my trip except for airfare.

Araceli Islas (aislas1@email.arizona.edu)




I applied for the Africana Studies Award to fund my trip to Martinique this summer as part of a UA Faculty-led study abroad program.  Arizona in the French Caribbean will open doors for me to advance my proficiency in the French language while exposing me to the cultures and customs of Martinique.  Both of these endeavors will allow me to think adaptably, perceive global distinctions, and appreciate diversity on an entirely new level.  Bon Voyage!

Rachel Franke (rachelafranke@email.arizona.edu)

erick hannah

I thank the Africana studies department for granting me this scholarship toward my study abroad program in Martinique. This opportunity will allow me to not only learn my foreign language in an immersed atmosphere better conducive to the learning of the language, but also as an undergrad bachelor's of Law student, I will be able to study the legal and political structure of the Caribbean, and their views on the American systems.

It is paramount for a legal studies major to broaden their horizon, expand their experiences and develop diverse modes of critical thinking. With the current state of our Justice sytem and it's dealings with us of color, getting outside viewpoints will better equip me in my future projected profession as an attorney dedicated to reforming the criminal justice system here at home.

Erick Hannah (erickhannah@gmail.com)


I want to study abroad because it allows you to be immersed in other cultures besides your own and obtain a respect for different kinds of people. It also makes it easier to think outside of the box since you are more knowledgeable and possess a wider perspective.  I received this award because it will help me acquire skills that will be beneficial for me as a business major and improve my sand volleyball game. Since this program takes place in a tropical place, I am sure I will be able to play sand volleyball with skilled players due to the fact that there are pristine beaches. This will help me become a better student-athlete for the U of A. Additionally, learning the French language will allow me to do business with a broader number of people. Since I have never been outside of the country this experience will give me a more worldly perspective, which in turn will hopefully allow me to be better at thinking outside of the box and understanding people of different cultures.  Thank you again for this generous award, I couldn't be more happy to study abroad in a beautiful place such as the Caribbean.

Samantha Manley (samanthamanley@email.arizona.edu)