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May 14, 2019

2019 Summer 5WK2 Courses Being Offered July 8 to August 7, 2019: (All classes are online and Gen Ed, unless otherwise indicated.)

Subject Course # Section Course Desc Instructor Meeting Days Facility
AFAS 150B1 101 Contemporary Afro Brazil Zenenga,Praise   ONLINE
AFAS 160A1 101 The Africana Experience Ijagbemi,Bayo   ONLINE
AFAS 160A2 101 Afr Dispora Rel+Cultr Abana,Yuxuf A   ONLINE
AFAS 160D1 101 Intro:African Amer Lit Carter,Bryan   ONLINE
AFAS 200 101 Introduction- Africana Studies Carter,Bryan   ONLINE
AFAS/SOC 220 1 Intro African Amer Study Bowens,Johnny W MTWR HARV-240
AFAS/ANTH/PHIL 222 1 Afr Am Std:Hist of Ideas Bowens,Johnny W MTWR HARV-240
AFAS/ENGL 230 101 Intro:African Literature Machibya,Telesphory R   ONLINE
AFAS 304A 101 Soc Const Race:Whiteness Donahue,Jennifer Lynn   ONLINE
AFAS 304B 101 Soc Const Of Race:Black Pierce,Mary L   ONLINE
AFAS/GWS/HIST 306 101 Afr Am Autobiog:Wmn+Hist Pierce,Mary L   ONLINE
AFAS 320 101 African-Amer Slave Narr Caves,Awndrea S   ONLINE
RELI/AFAS/LAS 335 101 Rap, Culture And God Nava,Alexander E   ONLINE
AFAS 340 101 Pol Of Race+African Expr Zenenga,Praise   ONLINE
AFAS/ENGL/GWS 342 101 Writers, Women+The Gods Abana,Yuxuf A   ONLINE
AFAS/LAS/POL 345 101 Caribbean Politics Ijagbemi,Bayo   ONLINE
AFAS 371 101 Hip-Hop Cinema Sanchez,Tani D   ONLINE
AFAS/HUMS 376 101 Global Soccer Abana,Yuxuf A   ONLINE