Africana Studies Major Jimaral Marshall to Intern at HipHopDX in Los Angeles

June 2nd, 2015

Africana Studies major Jimaral Marshall was the first UA student selected for a paid internship at HipHopDX, the most popular online hip-hop magazine owned by Cheri Media, produced out of Los Angeles, CA. Cheri Media signed an agreement with the University of Arizona's Africana Studies Program to bring Africana Studies majors and minors with concentration in hip-hop cultures to intern in Los Angeles for three consecutive months, either in the summer, fall, or spring. Selected students may earn 6 units of AFAS 493 Internship and they get paid $250 per month. In addition, Africana Studies majors and minors may apply for the Africana Studies 100% Engagement Award ($3,000) as did Jimaral Marshall. 

This is what Jimaral Marshall had to say about being selected for both the internship at HipHopDX and 100% Engagement Award:

Hello, My name is Jimaral Marshall and becoming an Africana Studies Major has been one of the greatest decisions I have ever made. As a
major, I have traveled all around the world participating in diverse learning experiences that inform students by utilizing both extra-curricular and educational approaches to incorporate lessons on Africana culture. Honestly, I would like to think I received this award for merely applying I mean yeah I qualified but still that does not mean it was certain.The thing is so few students apply for these opportunities leaving students like me, who persevere through adversity by remaining persistent enough to the point that recognition is gradually achieved. I love hip-hop so much to the point that I cannot go a day without listening to some type of hip hop artist. For me, hip-hop is inspirational, therapeutic and all the while necessary that is why this program clung to me the way it did. All in all, I am genuinely pleased to accept this award on behalf of The Africana Studies Program  at the University of Arizona and I
cannot wait to learn a more worldly view of Hip-Hop.

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Contact info: Prof. Alain-Philippe Durand