South African Johnny Clegg Band to Perform at UA Centennial Hall on May at 8pm


The Johnny Clegg Band is performing at Centennial Hall on May 6, 2011. Musician, dancer, anthropologist, singer, song writer, academic, activist and French knight - all describe Clegg, but none captures the energy and passion of the man who has become one of South Africa's greatest musical exports. He has campaigned against the injustice of apartheid and has been instrumental in putting the new South Africa on the map.

Here are some additional quick facts about Johnny Clegg:

  • He is an important figure in South African popular music history, with songs that mix Zulu with English lyrics, and African with various Western European (such as Celtic) music styles
  • Born in England, raised in Africa
  • Found teachers and advocates among Zulu musicians and performed and recorded with them before such collaborations were legal
  • Clegg formed the first racially mixed South African band, Juluka (which means “sweat”), with gardener and Zulu musician Sipho Mchunu
  • He has campaigned against the injustice of apartheid South Africa

Known for his energetic stage performances, he entertains and enlightens with amusing anecdotes, historical bits and pieces and anthropological facts.