Emil W. Haury Anth. Bldg. Room 318
Carney, Megan A
Associate Professor

As a critical medical and sociocultural anthropologist, Megan Carney has worked with African diasporic communities in both southern Europe and the Western United States on research around issues related to migration, displacement, dispossession, and health. Her most recent book Island of Hope: Migration and Solidarity in the Mediterranean draws from her ongoing ethnographic fieldwork in Sicily. Since late 2018, she has been working closely with the Tucson-based African American Culture and Arts Center, the Dunbar Pavilion, through the Dunbar Wellness Project, a Haury-funded collaboration with the UA Center for Regional Food Studies (for which she serves as director), the Coalition for African American Health and Wellness, and El Rio Clinics. 

Dr. Carney's teaching foregrounds critical race theory from the fields of Black Geography and Black Feminist Anthropology. She regularly teaches "Anthropology of Food: Black Food Matters" as well as "Food and Migration" and "Mediterranean Migrations," both of which heavily integrate African diaspora studies. 

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