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Machibya, Telesphory R

Dr. Machibya did his college studies in electrical engineering and has expertise in agricultural systems, alternative energy systems - notably solar systems.  Dr. Machibya is also involved in rural energy delivery; poverty alleviation; and teaches Swahili courses at the Critical Languages Program at the University of Arizona.



Ph.D.  (Electrical and Computer Engineering), University of Arizona (1990);

M.S. (Electrical Engineering), University of Arizona (1983);

B.S. (Electrical Engineering), University of Science and Technology, Kumasi, Ghana (1976).


Research Interests: Philosophies aimed at providing practical and sustainable solutions to social, political, economic and cultural integrity issues facing people in the African Diaspora.


Courses Dr. Machibya Regularly Teaches:

AFAS 160A1 - The Africana Experience 
AFAS/HIST 209 - African American History (1440-1877) 
AFAS/HIST 210 - African American History (1865-Present) 
AFAS/SOC 220 - Introduction to African American Studies 
AFAS/PHIL 223 - African Philosophical Worlds 
AFAS/HIST 224 - Models of Resistance, Post 16th Cent. African Liberation Movements in Southeast 
AFAS/ENGL 230 - Introduction to African Literature


Courses Dr. Machibya Sometimes Teaches: 

AFAS 160D1 - Introduction to African American Literature

AFAS 200 - Introduction to Africana Studies 
AFAS 304B - The Social Construction of Race: Blackness 
AFAS 320 - The African American Slave Narrative: History and Literature 
AFAS/ENGL/GWS 342 Writers, Women, and the God