A Conversation on Rastafarianism with Ras Jomo / AFAS 160 A2

12:30 to 1:30 p.m., Nov. 10, 2020

Buffalo, NY native Ras Jomo Akono is a multifaceted artist, educator, and community servant whose life is dedicated to the preservation of arts and culture. He is a master drummer specializing in djembe and African percussion instruments as well as the western traditional drum kit. Ras Jomo has provided the djembe vibrations in the city of Buffalo, across the US, the Caribbean, and around the world for the last 30 years.


Ras Jomo has been raised by RasTafari throughout his adult life, actively involved in local, national and international affairs.

Referred to by many as the ambassador of arts and culture, Ras Jomo connects African peoples around the world to themselves and each other through music, conversation, and inspiration on his weekly radio show “Project Access to AFree Ka.”  www.power965radio.com