Africana Studies Majors Receive Three Awards of $1,000 To Study In Paris, France!

September 30th, 2014

The following three Africana Studies majors were selected for an Africana Studies Award of $1,000 each to help them attend our program in Paris, France over the Thanksgiving Break as part of Dr. Bryan Carter's class AFAS 421/AFAS 499 When African Americans Came to Paris:

Congratulations to Kevyn Butler, Sydney Haliburton, and Jimaral Marshall!

I received the Africana Studies Paris, France Study Abroad Award because I am participating in to the AFAS 499 course at the University of Arizona and in Paris. With the funds from the award I will be able to partially fund the cost of air fare, living arrangements while in Paris, and experience some of the most historically famous African American sites and buildings in Paris.


I decided to participate in this program because the AFAS 421 course, taught by Dr. Bryan Carter, illuminated my perspective on the African American diaspora around the world. Even though a lot of the African American history has been constructed in the United States, there is more to my culture than what has occurred in this country. The program will help divulge my own knowledge of the African, African American, and Black diaspora, as well as provide me with an opportunity to experience a new culture. I have always wanted to visit France and now I have the chance to. I am proud to say I am the first person in my family to travel outside of the United States.
Kevyn Butler





I would like to thank the Africana Studies Awards committee for this award! I am extremely thankful and humbled. I received this award for a trip to Paris with Dr.Carter's AFAS 499 course. I wanted to participate in this program because it is unlike any other study abroad trip that I have seen offered here at the U of A. We will be able to see Paris through the scope of the Harlem Renaissance, which is something that I just couldn't miss out on.
Sydney Haliburton






I want to thank the Africana Studies Program for choosing me as an award recipient. I was granted this award to go and study abroad in Paris, France with Dr. Bryan Carter's AFAS 421 course, When African American Came to Paris. Dr. Carter's teaching style interests me because it helps students to technologically enhance their thirst for curriculum through utilizing online web-based applications. I really enjoy the functionality of his classes because he handles the classroom differently than the average instructor, making his courses all the more desirable. Initially, I had chosen to participate in applying for this scholarship because I had taken some of Dr. Carter's classes last semester and wanted to continue that relationship and in order to do so, I had to collect funding for this trip. Finally, I had previously studied abroad in Mexico over the summer with the Vivir Mexico group and had an amazing time learning and creating life long experiences that I will never forget. I want to experience that same joy with my major whilst learning what being an Africana Studies major really is.
Jimaral Marshall


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